• Luna


    Luna thinks she has too many hobbies. She has recently started to play piano and do embroidery, while she keeps reading anime and watching Japanese films by studio Ghibli which is what she has always loved to do. Japanese culture and anime also became the biggest inspiration for her art and animation, and that is…

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  • Stuart


    There was no small talk with Stuart: he would dive straight to difficult topics; Fundamental differences in perceptions of time, society’s predictable behavioral patterns, and its lack of communication and empathy. And in the midst of all of that, he threaded his conviction regarding his vocation to Volunteer in Ukraine. When I asked him what…

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  • Moni


    Moni is telling a story about her boyfriend not even being able to commit to his commitment issues (that he can´t be committed in their long-lasting relationship anymore) and the crowd is laughing. A young Chinese comedian coming from a city of 12 million that probably none of us knew before 2020 makes Berliners and…

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