• Anastasia


    Anastasia has always had a good intuition and she knew something would happen. That is also why she prepared her emergency (anxious) backpack full of warm clothes and important documents. Few days before everything started, she picked up her diploma, renewed her heritage documents, withdrew all her money from bank accounts and even exchanged euros.…

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  • Shahab


    “I have to stop reading the news so often because I can’t bear it anymore… Waking up every morning and reading how many children and teenagers disappeared, were raped or killed, and then reading the same before going to bed isn’t really healthy. But unfortunately that is the reality.” Says Shahab and continues telling me…

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  • Paul


    “… so much to remember, you´re everything… How to go on from our conversation, how to move on, when you lost your patience…”  Paul is emotionally singing one of his original songs called “Everything” in front of the Berliner Dom. Almost as if he wasnťt even present in that place but somewhere in that sad…

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