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Moni is telling a story about her boyfriend not even being able to commit to his commitment issues (that he can´t be committed in their long-lasting relationship anymore) and the crowd is laughing. A young Chinese comedian coming from a city of 12 million that probably none of us knew before 2020 makes Berliners and people coming from all around the world to Berlin laugh with her stand-ups. 

The west continent will get stuck in your head after a while.  I  have been here for 11 years, and I started to think about my dreams, about human rights and I can even catch the white disease now!… Gluten allergy! And what is worse (and even more west)… Depression! So I eventually ended up going to a yoga retreat in India” and the audience is falling about laughing. She makes fun of herself, the society she grew up in, and she is not afraid to joke about sex, race, or intimate topics. This strong and brave woman also includes mental health topics such as depression and anxiety in her stand-ups, because making fun of it and seeing the crowd understand the jokes can be kind of therapy…That is what Moni has learned from her own experience after struggling with mental health, which led her to the idea of organizing the Berlin Mental Health Festival…

I met Moni at my first stand-up comedy show that I went to in Berlin while she was checking tickets and organizing the seating of people. Already at that time she was very direct and honest, exactly like her humor. Small and gentle woman on the surface but full of  strong energy and inspiration for people on the inside, especially for girls to talk about the taboos like menstruation or sex. Read the whole story on our website

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