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“… so much to remember, you´re everything… How to go on from our conversation, how to move on, when you lost your patience…”  Paul is emotionally singing one of his original songs called “Everything” in front of the Berliner Dom. Almost as if he wasnťt even present in that place but somewhere in that sad song, existing in a different world which is Paul attending with his voice and melody. And after it finishes, he is back for a while to smile and say thank you to his spectators…

This young German musician came to Berlin to work on his label based in Hamburg, and do some studio recordings and photoshoots, which is what he is focused on since Covid started. He is happy to be able to concert again live and he never misses an opportunity to busk in Berlin. “People in Köln or Hamburg pay more but Berliners really listen…”  says Paul, comparing playing on the streets in different cities. He enjoys playing in Berlin because a lot of people stop and listen not only to one song but are interested in him as a person and his music. However, his favorite place for busking is England and Ireland since there is a big busking community and good vibes…

His biggest inspiration is his one-year older brother, whom Paul considers a great artist writing beautiful poetry. Sometimes, when Paul reads his brother’s poetry, he can immediately hear the melody – and it works the other way around. Paul composes music and his brother feels the mood of the song and hears the lyrics. They also send each other paintings that sometimes give them the impulse to write and come up with new ideas.

It was music and Paul’s beautiful voice that brought me to his story.. Namely, one of my favorite songs by Tracy Chapman, that I could hear playing from a distance. My friend and I  turned and ran to see who was playing the song. In the end, we ended up listening to Paul’s small concert on the bridge by Berliner Dom for ages and afterwards, we talked to this smiling and energetic guy with a perfect British accent and magical voice echoing in the streets of Berlin

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